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Problem Identification Process / Reports Case Study

A. Background Problem (Problem Identification Process / Reports Case Study) Describe the animals in the vicinity according to its properties by using sentences that are easy to understand other people is one of the basic competencies of the Indonesian language subjects must be taught to students in grade two elementary schools with the indicators: (1) mimic the movements of certain animals, (2 ) mimic certain animal sounds (3) Describe the characteristics of animals in detail (name, trademark, voice, where his life) with the choice of words and coherent sentences, (4) Looking for the animals in the environment around the school and write characteristics , researchers have been taught using lecture techniques are varied and take advantage of the drawings (Ministry of Education, 2003:27). The sequence of learning as follows. a. Preliminary Activities In preliminary events beginning with the pray together, roll student, checking homework, sit a good way to warn, inform the learning objectives. b. Core activities In the core activities of researchers showed footage of a cat and then describe the characteristics of cats in detail that the cat fur all kinds, four legs, lived in the house, investigators stopped a moment to provide opportunity to students to ask questions. One of his students named Rizki asked, "Where do elephants live?" Researcher answer the question the student is that the elephant had his residence in the woods, then back to show pictures elephant researchers, students studied the picture, the researchers assigned the students to write down the characteristic of animal elephant. After finishing one of his students were given the task to read the results of his work. The researchers offered an opportunity for students to ask again but no one wants to ask students, this means that the learning is considered completed in accordance with the planned program. Then the teacher gave the test to measure student achievement of learning ability. Act test consists of the following questions. 1) copy the movement of certain animals, 2) copy the sounds of certain animals, 3) explain the characteristics of animals in detail (name, trademark, voice, where his life) with the choice of words and coherent sentences, 4) find that there are animals around the neighborhood school and the mentioned characteristics. c. Activity end Activities carried out by the end of the conclude the subject matter and give tests to students. Furthermore, the researchers set up the instrument in oral tests as follows. Teacher showing movement of animals and a student was asked to mimic the motion of a cat. The teacher then asked what the characteristics of these animals, how to vote, in which the place of his life. Furthermore, the researcher asked two students in turn to meperagakan movement of certain animals, imitating his voice, and mentioned characteristics and the place of his life. At the end of a student is asked to demonstrate the motion of an animal, and other friends to guess the names of animals, says its properties, and the place of his life. The test results can be explained as follows: Students who obtained a value of 8 a person, a score of 7 eight people, ten people value 6, the value of 5 four people, and the value of 3 three people. So that when averaged, the average value of 5.5 while the value of its class achievement for the minimum (KKM), a predetermined value was 8.5 shows the gap between the student achieved with the specified values in KKM, amounting to 3. Thus KD failed to achieve, and should be repaired. From the results obtained by analysis of the value of student achievement, the researchers conducted further analysis and reflection on learning was found that during the researchers describe an animal through pictures, a few students listened to a description of the teacher. Researchers expect all students to listen to descriptions of research concentration. Learning the causes low student learning outcomes. Description learning shows there have been failures in learning outcomes and learning process. Failure is a problem that must be overcome because of learning appropriate to describe the animals in the vicinity of its properties are very useful for students in real life. Benefits can be explained as follows. First, learning to describe the animals in the vicinity of suitable characteristics as a basis for studying other basic competencies, especially the ability to speak to describe the object. Second, learning to describe the animals in the vicinity of appropriate characteristics can foster understanding of the types of animals, especially animals that exist in their environment. Lessons will also be useful to foster students' love of animals and the environment, especially to motivate / grow the attitude observed / critical of the situation / environment.
B. Troubleshooting Techniques Efforts to overcome the failure of the learning process, the researchers studied various models of teaching and learning techniques are fun, participatory, creative and not boring. One learning technique that meets these criteria is the technique of the game. Low-grade elementary school students still enjoyed the game and sing or do something exciting. In line with that expressed by Sudjana, (2001:138) that by presenting the techniques of good games will attract the attention of learners to create a fun atmosphere without causing fatigue. Based on those concepts, the researchers feel confident that the lessons describe the animal in the vicinity will be fun, participative, creative, and not dull when learning to use the game technique. In learning to use the game technique, researchers gave the picture to each group. Each group will take turns demonstrating the movement of certain animals. Other groups guess. The group will also be given a card containing the word written animal sounds. The group took turns demonstrating the sound of animals and other groups to guess. Each group also will get the picture environment in which live animals and animals to be paired. Any group seeking animals that are around the school and mentioned characteristics. It is expected that through the technique of the game then the learning will be in accordance with the characteristics of low-grade elementary school student who still enjoys playing activities, so the researchers conducted classroom action research on learning appropriate to describe the animals in the vicinity of its properties by applying the technique of the game in public elementary school with grade 2 Kasturi II the title "Efforts to Improve Capability Describe Animals Around Through games of Engineering at SDN Kasturi II Class 2"
C. Problem Formulation The formulation of the problem as a question of this study are as follows. Is learning to describe the animal in the vicinity through game techniques can improve student learning outcomes SDN Kasturi II grade 2?
D. Research Objectives Research objectives to be achieved is to improve student learning outcomes SDN Kasturi II grade 2 to describe the animal in the vicinity of learning through play techniques.
E. Benefits Research The results of this study will be useful for schools, researchers and teachers as colleagues. 1. The benefits for schools are as a real contribution to the school for learning to describe the animal in the vicinity through the techniques of the game. 2. The benefits for researchers are as a guide in learning to describe the animal in the vicinity of the engineering game 3. The benefits for teachers as a colleague is as a motivator for teachers in the district of South Cimahi Cimahi to conduct classroom action research.

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